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Business Plans
& Services FAQ's

Q: How do your Social Media Plans work?
Like on a day-to-day?

A: Our Social Media Plans are meant to take one less stress off of your plate.
Social Media can be tricky, hard to keep up with and difficult to understand.

That's where we come in. 

We offer two options to help you feel most comfortable:
Option 1: We log in and handle everything
Option 2: You stay logged in and do the posting/ engagement, we just create and deliver the content to you.

We understand that due to the recent rise in hacking & cyber attacks, that not everyone is going to feel comfortable sharing access to their accounts and that is 100% fine with us because we want you to feel relieved over everything when working with us.

Once we've decided on access, we will then strategize and formulate a plan with goals for organic growth of your brand via social media.

We will then begin our work on execution of said plan and goals and check-in with you on progress. We communicate with you via your preference of text, phone call, FaceTime, email or DM.

Q: How do your Admin Plans work?

A: With the initial hours you purchase with your Administrative Plan, you can ask us to do anything related to your Business regarding administration including but not limited to:

Email management, Virtual Customer Care, Virtual Front Desk/ Receptionist, Scheduling Management,
Light Bookkeeping, Contacting Vendors, Making Follow-up Calls, Making inquiries, assisting with Business Regulatory tasks, following up with Leads and much more.

You are given the right to assign whatever work you need done within the administrative realm
with the hours you purchase via your plan.

If you find that you need more time than you initially purchased, we will continue to work without stopping for however much longer/ however many more hours you may need. We will then send you a separate invoice for the extra time that was worked after your initial purchased amount of hours in which you will
make a separate payment for.


Q: Can I expect conversions to sales/leads with your Social Media Plans?

A: We do not guarantee conversions to sales/leads via our Social Media Plans at this time.

Our Social Media Plans are formulated 
to bring your business/ brand organic growth
and aid in solidifying your brand's presence via Social Media.

Our Social Media Plans are worked by Social Media Managers NOT to be confused with Social Media Marketers.

For more information on the difference between the two positions, please read


Q: How do you keep track and log time spent for your Admin Plans?

A: We use a well-known, secure and trusted platform, HoneyBook, and it's time-keeping feature in order to track time spent on each task assigned to us to work for you.

Our #1 priority here at Virtual Services By Cierra LLC is transparency to our Clients.
Unlike others in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing the utmost transparency to our Clients so that you feel comfortable working with us knowing exactly how and when
 your money is being spent.


Q: How do you bill and collect payments?

A: All Clients are required to contractually agree to and set up auto payment with VSBC LLC via our trusted and secure CRM, HoneyBook.

For invoices billed separately outside of monthly auto payments, they are billed
Via our CRM HoneyBook to your email and payments are accepted via Debit or Credit Card.

Whenever a payment is made, our CRM will automatically send proof of payment and a receipt for your records directly to your email.

We do not currently accept payments via Cash, Zelle, Check, Cash App, Venmo or any other way.

We only accept payments via Credit or Debit card.


Q: Do you allow carryovers of unused posts/ services if they aren't used within the month purchased?

A: No, we do not allow the carryover of any unused pre-paid for services here at VSBC LLC.

When a client agrees to and pays for a service, as stated in our Contract, it is on a "use it or lose it" basis.


Q: Do you use personal phones or separate devices when logging in to Client Accounts?

A: Here at VSBC we only use business iPhone(s) designated for VSBC Company Business use whenever we work on Client accounts and Client related work.

We do NOT EVER log into Client accounts on personal devices.


Q: Who owns the Content, Media and graphics created by VSBC for my business/ brand? Even after we stop working together?

A: We create all content, media and graphics for our Clients and therefore, as stated in our Contracts, this is owned by the Client; even after we stop working together.

After our Contract is completed, Clients have 2 weeks post the contract end-date to collect, save and store all Content, Media and Graphics they wish to keep before we archive the collection in our database.

If Clients do not collect before the 2-week timeframe, or if the Client wishes to request copies thereafter, we hold onto the archive for up to 1 year and then Client will be required to pay a Collection Fee.


Q: When shooting content, what devices do you use?

A: Currently, we primarily shoot content and media with the following devices:

-iPhones (13 and 14)
-Canon T7 Rebel Camera

-Sony ZV-1F Camera

Q: How is content stored and delivered?

A: We offer a few different options for whichever our Clients feel most comfortable with:

-Shared Albums via iPhone
-Google Drive

Please feel fee to email us with any additional questions you may have.

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