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Event Content
& Services FAQ's

Q: How do your Event Content Packages work?

A: Our Event Content Packages are meant to give you your time back so that you can live in the moment.

Instead of missing out on key moments and enjoying your event spending so much time trying to capture photos, videos and content, we take on that task for you instead.

Before the event, we'll hammer out details, aesthetics, must-haves and strategy.

We want you to be happy living in the moment but also happy with the memories we capture for you.

We'll arrive, dressed appropriately, to your event at the agreed upon time, work seamlessly integrating into the crowd to capture the most content without getting in the way, and within 24-Hours of the ending of our time at your event, we will deliver you all raw footage either via shared album, google drive and/ or dropbox.

All edited footage will be delivered within 72-Hours.


Q: How do you bill and collect payments?

A: All Clients are required to contractually agree to and set up auto payment with VSBC LLC via our well-known, trusted and secure CRM partner, HoneyBook.

A 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid to secure your event date. 
2-Days before your event date, the Client is required to pay the remaining portion of their package via auto payment.

If the remainder is not paid, your service will be cancelled and deposit retained by VSBC LLC for

Whenever a payment is made, our CRM will automatically send proof of payment and a receipt for your records directly to your email.

We do not currently accept payments via Cash, Zelle, Check, Cash App, Venmo or any other way.

We only accept payments via Credit or Debit card.



Q: Tell me more about the Instagram StoryTakeover Package Add-on?

A: The Instagram Takeover package add-on is meant to bring you more coverage of your event.

How It Works:
-On the day of your event, you will log in to the account you'd like us to post on for you using our business iPhone
-During your event, we will prioritize capturing your package requirement content FIRST
-In addition to the package content, we will also dually post live, in the moment stories and live videos during the event to your Instagram Story
-Once our time is up at your event, we will meet with you to log out of your account


Q: Who owns the Content, Media and graphics created by VSBC for my event? Even after the event and delivery?

A: We create all content, media and graphics for our Clients and therefore, as stated in our Contracts, this is owned by the Client; even after we stop working together.

However, we do retain the right to post the content to our platforms, website and more for advertising purposes.

After our Contract is
completed, Clients have 2 weeks post the contract end-date to collect, save and store all Content, Media and Graphics they wish to keep before we archive the collection in our database.

If Clients do not collect before the 2-week timeframe, or if the Client wishes to request copies thereafter, we hold onto the archive for up to 1 year and then Client will be required to pay a Collection Fee.


Q: When shooting content, what devices do you use?

A: Currently, we primarily shoot content and media with the following devices:

-iPhones (13 and 14)
-Canon T7 Rebel Camera

-Sony ZV-1F Camera

Q: How is content stored and delivered?

A: We offer a few different options for whichever our Clients feel most comfortable with:

-Shared Albums via iPhone
-Google Drive

Please feel fee to email us with any additional questions you may have.

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