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Roles & Positions
at Virtual Services By Cierra, LLC

Hey there! 👋

If you've found yourself here it's because you're in the market for someone like me right? But you might not be exactly sure what it is that you need?

Let's break down the vibes of each role in the digital universe, shall we?

📱 Social Media Manager vs. Social Media Marketer:
Think of a Social Media Manager as the conductor of your brand's online symphony. They're all about keeping your social platforms jamming with fresh content, engaging with your tribe, and vibing out with your audience. They won't necessarily be focused on conversions and ROI's, however they will be solely focused on *ORGANIC* Growth along with solidifying your online presence.


On the flip side, a Social Media Marketer dives deep into the analytics, crafting strategies to boost your brand's visibility across various platforms and reach across the digital cosmos. A Social Media Marketer will be focused on your ROI's, conversion rates and driving traffic to your business/ brand.

However, a Social Media Marketer can't work without a Social Media Manager. This is why it's important to develop a team. Here at VSBC, we currently specialize in Social Media *Management* to give your Brand an online presence and keep it fresh. We do not guarantee conversions with Social Media Management as this would require a Social Media Marketer to work hand in hand alongside with.

Content Creator:
Picture this: a master storyteller, a visual wizard, and a word artist all wrapped up in one. That's your Content Creator. They're the cosmic creators behind the scenes, crafting captivating tales, eye-catching visuals, and stellar videos that teleport your audience right into your brand's galaxy. Their primary role and focus is based on creating up-to-date, trendy, fresh and consistent content for your Social Media Platforms.

A Social Media Manager can also additionally offer Content Creation, which here at VSBC we do! However, a Content Creator doesn't always mean you'll receive a Social Media Manager too. If you're just looking for someone to create Content for you, then a Content Creator is just what you need! But, if you're looking for someone to create your Content AND do the posting for you, engagement, sharing etc via your profile, then you'll additionally need Social Media Management.

🌐 Website Designer vs. Website Developer:
Imagine your website as a digital spaceship ready to launch your brand to new heights. Your Website Designer is the visionary architect, crafting the aesthetic blueprint and user experience that's out of this world. Meanwhile, your Website Developer is the coding cosmonaut, turning those designs into a seamless, interactive reality. Your Website Designer will focus on the branding aspects and aesthetic of your website along with basic setup, but a Website Developer will be solely responsible for special coding, SEO and other back-end speciality services.

🤖 Virtual Assistant vs. Social Media Manager:
Need a co-pilot to navigate the digital cosmos? Your Virtual Assistant is your AI sidekick, handling the day-to-day tasks that keep your brand flying high. On the other hand, your Social Media Manager is more like your social navigator, steering your online presence through the vast expanse of social platforms, engaging with your crew, and keeping your brand's voice clear and on point. If you're in the market for someone to help you keep and stay organized along with helping with administrative/ clerical tasks and maybe even some customer service, then a Virtual Assistant is your best choice. However if you're looking for help and consistency with building and maintaining your Social Media presence, that would be the job for a Social Media Manager.

So, whether you're blasting off into the digital stratosphere or just looking to upgrade your online orbit, each of these cosmic roles brings its own unique flair to your brand's journey through cyberspace. 🚀✨

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